Benefits of the KA-NA-TA project!

The KIDS FROM KANATA PROGRAM is a program for kids. This program teaches a lot of things to kids who are involved in it. Once you are in the program you get to do all sorts of things. Things like chat with kids from other places like B.C.

There are also activities in this program. Activities like Meeting Our Ancestors, The Land Connection, The Language Connection, Cultural Contributions, The Lessons of History, Current Realities, The New Millennium: Taking Action and more.

These activities are fun and you can learn a lot by reading other kids' opinions and what they know about the subject. These activities are for you to write about and what you think about them. You can write your opinion, what you know, what you have learned, and what other people know. By reading others' messages you can learn a lot and something new that you never knew. There is an activity, Student Exchange, where you write about yourself so when others read it they could know about you.

This is one way you can meet people on Kanata and get to know them. There is also the chatline, where you get to talk to different kinds of people from all around Canada.

The most fun part about this program is that you get to meet all these new people either by chating, writing messages to each other, or writing about the subject you know.

Hope you enjoy the "KIDS FROM KANATA" program!