What we enjoyed about KA-NA-TA!

We enjoyed just about everything in the KA-NA-TA project, but the thing we liked best was communicating with the other schools. It is not very often that we get the chance to interact with other students our age from different parts of Canada.

We enjoyed learning about the different students, and hearing their opinions on things that we discussed daily.  We found it interesting that we had so much in common and that it was just like talking to your own friends. We enjoyed doing the activities, and learning about their ancestors, our community's ancestors, about the settlers who took over the land which is now called Markham. We got the chance to learn more about our community, about native histories, and about the Mi'kmaq treaties. We also enjoyed learning about the issues of the millenium.

This project also helped us realize the many stereotypes that go on about natives and non-natives. We liked that because it showed us the truth about things and so now we know not to judge the First Nations people, and we hope that they felt the same way.