Difficulties we faced while on KA-NA-TA!

Difficulties we encountered while working on the KANATA project were common. One of the very common difficulties was downloading the software.

Here is a picture of Dushyanth, in Grade Eight, in Armadale Public School. Right now he is working on Kids From Ka-na-ta!!!!!!

It took a long time, and most people have internet through the phoneline, therefore the process was often delayed by phonecalls etc.

Some of the activites required us to research. Some of the topics exceeded our knowledge span, so we had to go the extra step to complete the activity by doing a bit of research, which was sometimes harder then we anticipated. A difficulity which was not so common, was being able to express ourselves through so much written work.

Many of the activites asked for our opinions, which was easy in a way but hard in another way. Some of the readers might take our opinions the wrong way, or some readers may have taken our opinions offensively, so we always had to make sure we stated our opinions in a positive way, whether they were good or bad.

This is a picture of a student, Sunita, in Grade Eight, in Armadale Public School. She is also working on Kids From Ka-na-ta!!!!!!

After a long winter, the hot summer weather is finally here therefore a lot of people like going outside. So it was sometimes hard to find the time to complete all of the activites, and with deadlines set by our teachers, we were under a bit of pressure to finish them.

Another common difficulty we faced was getting familiar with KANATA. At first we thought we were unable to save with this program, when really, all of our worked saved to our mailbox. Another problem we found was figuring out how to send out work to the specified folder.