EUROPE TRIP, 1970, three months of great adventures!

Buffalo to Gatwick (on a turbo-prop!) with Joe. Ferry to Belgium. Drove to Ypres with British racing team at car rally. Given free rooms as part of British team (met them on the Ferry), rode over race course in back of British team car (very exciting). Drove to Munich, Vienna, Milan, down the coast of Yugoslavia (Split, Dubrovnic). Sat in with a local band in Dubrovnic and played Whiter Shade of Pale with them with minimal language communication but much enthusiam on both sides. Arrived in Athens, very hot and dusty. Stayed on the Greek island of Mykanos for a week living in a cave with many ants, a great view and a great community. Took ferry from Patras, Greece to Brindisi in Italy, drove through Italy, over the Alps to Switzerland to a Jazz workshop in Wengen. Back to the UK and Canada. Shipped the bike back by air in haste to get it home. Bike was stolen in Toronto outside the Colonial Tavern while Jonn was watching Doug Kershaw. He has never completely forgiven himself for this ... his favourite bike ever.

New Norton 750cc
Brand new Norton Commandos 750cc bought in  the UK with his friend Joe (right).

Jonn was particularly enamoured of the Norton on display which the shop initially refused to sell. However after a few visits, and "because you're Canadian", they relented and took the machine off the stand and sold it to him. Cindy worked at the bike shop and was helpful showing off the local sights.

Cindy & JO

J.O. 1970

Jonn never liked pictures of himself in his youth, but now he is more appreciative of his younger self .. and wishes he had all that hair back!

JO & Acropolis

They made it to Greece on the motorcycles! This postcard was taken at the Acropolis with British friend Michelle and sent back to his parents.

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