Norton Commando "S" Model, 1969


Mostly in original shape, except it now has an electronic ignition instead of the old points system. Repainted in British racing green instead of the original red metal flake which I didn't like. This takes away from the originality of it but I like it better. Valued at around $5000 in Canada. Word is that in the UK it would fetch over 5000 pounds. This is a rare model "S" (scrambler) only made for a year with the pipes on one side. All the other Commando models have the regular pipes on both sides. In its day this was one of the fastest bikes on the road. Handles like a dream. In the '70s I drove all over Europe and down the coast of the former Jugoslavia on a similar model. Superb handling on hairpin bends, steep hills, high winds, rough roads.