Aboriginal Peoples' Involvement


The importance of Canada's first peoples has been a central theme of the program. Aboriginal peoples have been involved from the start and have provided enthusiastic support through the pilot phases. The teacher's materials were developed with First Nations curriculum experts. Young people across Canada are the backbone of KIDS FROM KA-NA-TA, but adults contribute, too. Organizations like the Assembly of First Nations have contributed time, energy and support. National Chief Phil Fontaine has contributed a letter of support and encouragement to young participants in the program.


In March 1993, Buffy Sainte-Marie, internationally active in Native issues and a pro-active telecommunicater, was introduced to the KIDS FROM KA-NA-TA project. Since that time Buffy has been an enthusiastic supporter of KA-NA-TA. She has become a regular user of the network, added messages for all youth participants and endorsed the program on national television. Buffy's beautiful and original artwork decorates the cover of the KA-NA-TA Teacher's Handbook. Buffy is also developing a related program in the United States called the Cradleboard Teaching Project. Staff from both projects have worked closely together and we hope one day that the projects may somehow connect even more.