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The group on April 27, 2001, when the Rocky Mountain House students and two teachers first arrived in Fort Simpson

and met their soon-to-be-friends.


Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, host of 19 Fort Simpson students for 7 days, has participated in the Kanata program for 2 years. Just this year they were able to go up to Fort Simpson, and meet the people they had been chatting with through the Kanata program over the year, and have those students come visit them in Rocky shortly afterwards. Students and teachers alike found that the program was a great way to meet new, interesting people, and discover more about their ways of life. Overall, it was an excellent learning experience. At the end of the year, the students who were leaving the participating school and no longer had the opportunity of belonging to the Kanata program were very disappointed, but happy enough to take home the wonderful memories.

"I learned that everyone comes from different cultures. We all have different ancestors and languages that came with them. I learned some very important current realities, about all kinds of things. One of them was how the native's wanted special rights for hunting. I also realized the values of the land all around us. Here in Alberta, we have oil, and gas, and tonnes of natural resources. I found out that lots of other places also have tonnes of natural resources. I discovered what many people hope for our new millenium. World peace, an end to hunger, no more wars. I learned a whole new aspect of history, that we weren't taught in the classroom. Treaties, residential schools, self government.......

This program was a great learning experience.



The Native Drum Dance in Fort Simpson, which the Rocky Mountain House students happily participated in.


"What I learned about people who have different cultures and do different
things on the holidays:
They have different languages, and different ideas about the new millennium. And I have met a lot of new people on the program from different places.



The camping trip, which lasted for 3 days. Everyone enjoyed getting to know each other.


"I've learned that people are all pretty much the same on the inside. We all breath air, have a heart, get sick and we all have arms and legs. But the differences is that some are white, some are black and all the other different colors in the world. We are all the same on the inside but not on the outside. So I think why should we fight when we are all pretty much the same but the color. I think black people and white people should have the same right's and not be separated because of our color.

I also learned that people have different languages, different cultures and traditions.



Chow time! The whole group sits down to enjoy a great potluck dinner, compliments of the Fort Simpson kids.


"I have learned about many different cultures. I have learned about different languages and stuff about myself that I did not know. This year I was able to go on a exchange trip to Fort Simpson. I learned many things out in the bush. I learned that to thank the land by sprinkling tobaco on the ground.



"I learned about residential schools, cultures and alot of different traditions. Including mine. Ithough it was good.



This is Fort Simpson,NWT from our helicopter ride.


"I learned that around the world today that there are people with different languages and different beliefs on things. People are always disagreeing about things. I also learned that the natives are stereotyped and some get misjudged about their lifestyle. I learned that the natives lost most of their land. I learned that they have rights like everyone else in this world.



Fort Simpson gruop arrived in Rocky Mountain House on May 21,2001.Their stay here lasted 6 days.

We are at the National Histrical Park.


"I learned not to judge people in one place just because they gave me a hard time where I live. I also learned that Fort Simpson is almost the same as Rocky. There are different people but some familiar personalities, so Fort Simpson was sort of like home. I'm moving soon and before going to Fort Simpson I was afraid about making friends. Now I'm not scared because I made friends in Fort Simpson so I can probably make friends in Edmonton.



"I've learned that stuff like choices, goverment, hunting, and cultures and other peoples' familys and the way they speak-like Es ist ein houptspab: This means It is great. I know a couple more like food-etel,taplalek. fun-szorakozas,orom. Thats cool. I don't feel like looking at the world to see what it is back, and its hard and I think this Kanata thing is sweet but I didn't go to fort simpson cause I did not bring that form back but I'm going pretty soon.



"I learned that natives everywhere have different cultures and traditions. I also learned that everyone has different cultures in their language and in the backgrounds. I realized that they celebrate differently and they celebrate many things we dont even know about.
Thats all I learned
From Chrissy"

The Nordegg Coal Mine. We all learned about how coal briquets were made.


"I learned that people in Canada may have a different language and culture than other people. Their cultures may vary because they live in a different place in Canada. Their languages are way different than ours because they speak it differently than us. Their traditions are celebrated differently and their birthdays are still like ours. They celebrate Christmas different and all the other traditions than us. Some People that have a different culture are just like other people in Canada.



"I have learned that there is a lot of different people in the world and what they do and what we do.


We even had time for some R&R.


"I have learned that there is alot of different tribes and cultures.



"Hi, I'm Cody and I've learned that everyone has a different culture
language like Cree, Scottish, German
Different ancestors that speak different languages.
Everyone has different traditions and different ideas
for the millennium."

Notice how relaxed the group is now. We have all become friends.


"What I have learned from this program is that people have different language's and
different cultures and do different things on holidays and even Christmas
Eve and what their culture has changed or has not changed.
I have met a lot of people on this program from different places
and I have learned their culture and their language.



"I've learned that different people have different cultures, languages and the perspective about different things. Examples of this are some people open Christmas presents on Christmas eve, and others open Christmas presents on Christmas day. The land here and Fort Simpson it was flat and many trees. Different things are asked about what we need or have to change about this world. People asked for different things or want different things to happen in the world.


Yes exchanges are very exhausting for everyone invoved.