Please note that the program has ceased operations because of a lack of funding and health issues for the program director. Several universities have expressed interest in hosting the program but we have so far been unable to find a person able to take over the role of program director, with the right availability and qualifications. The web site is being maintained as an archive because of interest in the program and its history.


We are now inviting schools to participate in the twelveth year of the KIDS FROM KA-NA-TA project, which will take place in the 2005/2006 school year in both elementary and secondary classrooms. This year we are again offering the new Millennium Version of the program which has a focus on topics of Land, Language and History. With support funding from Schoolnet, we have consulted with Native leaders and educators and have focused the project on key issues of significance to Indigenous people around the world, and particularly in Canada.


Each site participating in the KIDS FROM KA-NA-TA project is asked to form a KA-NA-TA Project Team to support the site's participation. The project team includes a main teacher whose grade or subject area naturally fits with the KIDS FROM KA-NA-TA subject material (language, social studies, history, geography, etc.). Since a major challenge involves the use of telecommunications technology, an important person for each project team will be a teacher or staff member or senior student with telecommunications experience. (Eager teachers with time to learn are also fine.) Other members of your project team might include other teachers, your principal, members of your school board, parents or local business people.


KIDS FROM KA-NA-TA operates in partnership with the Canadian Education Association and the Faculty of Education of York University. The university is generously providing system administration and student-teacher support for the project and we are offering the program for $279 in 2005/2006. We hope that this will make the program available to many classrooms and we welcome inquiries from new schools as well as experienced participants.

If you would like to join the KIDS FROM KA-NA-TA Project, please first fill out our KA-NA-TA On-line Application Form , or you can print out and send/fax us the Application Form Template , if you prefer!

See the On-line Application Form for information about a special opportunity for free exchange visits between schools!