As part of the Schoolnet GrassRoots/KIDS FROM KA-NA-TA partnership, KA-NA-TA schools who also sign up for GrassRoots will complete a Web page describing their experience of the project. This page will be linked to the GrassRoots site of Industry Canada/Schoolnet.

We established this partnership, towards the end of the school year(1999-2000), and we are pleased to welcome the first schools to complete the program with the GrassRoots partnership.


KA-NA-TA/GrassRoots School Websites

Glenlyon-Norfolk School, Victoria, BC
Brookwood Elementary School, Spruce Grove, AB
Carpathia School, Winnipeg, MB
St. Margaret School, Thunder Bay, ON
St. John School, Thunder Bay, ON
Glenlyon-Norfolk School, Victoria, BC 2001
Glenlyon-Norfolk School, Victoria, BC 2000
Armadale Public School, Markham, ON
Pioneer School, Rocky Mountain, AB
Wagmatcookewey School, Baddeck, NS
Carpathia School, Winnipeg, MB
Sen Pok Chin School, Oliver, BC
Inman School, Burnaby, BC



Student Exchanges

In the KA-NA-TA program, the educational content is created almost entirely by the students themselves, as they use the medium. What the students discover in their research and what they say online becomes material that other students report on as they build a picture of their partner sites in the project. The technology is used as a tool to facilitate the communication and to bridge the vast gulf of geography and history in Canada that has kept Native communities isolated from mainstream culture for centuries. The energy that drives the project is the intense curiosity and excitement felt by the students as they meet and communicate with their peers who are the same, yet not the same. And they want to know all the details.

Here are some of the notes posted by students from all parts of Canada.


Teachers have lots to say about the program too!