When Can I Join the Project?


Please note that the program has ceased operations because of a lack of funding and health issues for the program director. Several universities have expressed interest in hosting the program but we have so far been unable to find a person able to take over the role of program director, with the right availability and qualifications. The web site is being maintained as an archive because of interest in the program and its history.

The project begins during the fall term, usually in September, and we encourage teachers to join up as soon as possible. However, in the real world things never move as fast as we expect them to and some teachers join the program as late as April and May! You can complete the whole program in nine weeks if you keep moving at a regular pace, but many teachers spend much longer than this with the project and select only sections they feel appropriate to their grade level.

As well as the specific content of the project there is also the excitement of making new friends in different parts of Canada. Many sites have continued the connections established in a KA-NA-TA triad after the program has ended and sites often ask to be linked with the same sites in following years, to develop the friendships already established. For this reason alone, it is fun to get rolling early so that you can continue to get to know your partners throughout the school year. In the original pilot program, the project only lasted for one term and there were outcries from teachers and students at the prospect of being cut off after the first term was ending! Needless to say, the timelines were extended :-) and now the full year is available for the project.

Remember too, when you are planning when to begin, that it may take a week or two to find your triad partners even after you make the connection to the system. We try to match similar grade levels with classes in different provinces. We ask teachers to log in as soon as possible, before the class is ready to begin, as this will give you a little time to get familiar with the system while we help you make the connections with your partner sites.

It's easy to join up right here by typing in a few lines to the online application form.